The New Champ, a Hot Apple, a Tabula Rasa, a Hat Head, a Solder Bath, and a Patchwork Test Kit

Thanks, John & Family for bringing this, the “new champ,” to Yankee Swap. It’s shown next to its predecessor (left).

This Apple router works, but it gets hot. Time to take it apart and find out why. If I can’t fix it, I can at least say I’ve seen inside and will earn the benefit of more knowledge. Plus, who knows what little parts I might find?

Here’s the shell of a burnt-out PA mixer. Of course, I desoldered the 40ish variable resistors, along with 1/4″ audio jacks and XLR inputs. Now, I’m devising a replacement panel and a whole new functionality.

Quick side note: look at my hat head. Holy shit. What a weirdo.

Speaking of bathing… I’d really like to come up with a horribly toxic fire hazard solder bath for these boards. I shall not throw them away yet, because there is still logic (i.e., ICs) to be harvested. These, by the way, are pellet stove timers running on PIC microcontrollers. I think I could learn to program those!

And lastly, look how nice this transistor tester looks as a “kit” inside the back of a former salinity tester. Note: that’s my USB 9V battery on the left.

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