Reverb, Tremolo, and Knobs: Is it worth whatever disease I’ll probably get?

I recently acquired this amp head. When I got it home, I decided to not bring it indoors – and boy am I glad. When I opened it up, the mouse who had been living inside jumped out and ran away. Incidentally, I hear he is doing well somewhere in my neighbor’s cellar.

Here (above) is the only [thoroughly washed] element to come inside my home. It’s a mostly intact reverb unit. I want to hook it up to my square wave synthesizer nonsense.

The rest of the device is disgusting, as the following photos demonstrate.

The only reasons it still exists at all in my garage are that a) I want to reverse engineer the tremolo circuit, b) I {think} I want to salvage the knobs, and c) I need to figure out what I’m going to do about the rusty “tank” – clean it, or replace it.

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