Music: 2019 in Review

As I look back on the year with a focus on music-making, I’m proud of these accomplishments and very excited to be writing new songs. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been up to.


On Jamendo, I am proud to see that I have earned stream licensing revenue alongside one new license, to Valencia Culinary Center S.I. for, “Dreams for You.” Over the past year, I gained over 180,000 listens and nearly 40,000 downloads of free, Creative Commons-licensed original music.

In 2019, I released one new album, three collections of remastered songs, and a number of singles on Jamendo.

Jingle Punks / ASCAP

Through Jingle Punks, I released seven tracks; “Iceland, I Imagine,” and, “Identify Modular, Opus 1,” have been accepted into ASCAP’s library. The year saw no new cue sheets, but my existing ones continue to play across ten TV series.

DIY Synth Junk

Under the name, “DIY Synth Junk,” I have created ambient electronic instrumentals (like, “Identify Modular…, above) as well as the hardware used to generate most of the sounds. One of my most recent all-DIY creations is called, “bread:”

YouTube, Spotify, and Others

I haven’t updated my official YouTube music channel in quite a while, but I’m thinking of doing so soon in coordination with some Google Cameos posts. And I can’t even remember when I closed down the song-per-week podcast I’d been running, but I continue to find my stuff popping up on Spotify and other platforms. I continue to marvel at being scrobbled, and proud to see my libre stuff appearing in vlogs here and there.

All in all, it’s been a busy enough year for music, though dominated primarily by an electronics learning curve. Creating sound has, for a while, eclipsed creating songs. I’m looking at the rest of 2019 and into the indefinite future as a period of new songwriting. I have new things to say and I can’t wait for you to hear them!

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