Electro Friend and the JunkPlayer

Here are some free downloads for your music-making (or noise-making) use. If you have any questions, please met me know! Enjoy!


Back in October, 2019, I released Hardy-Boy into the Polyphone universe. More recently (January 2020), I present to you, “Electro Friend.” You can get them at Polyphone or using the links below. They’re both sf2 files.

More info about Hardy-Boy here


Using Cabbage, I renamed an example file and tested it with my hunks of audio. I was then able to export in a few formats listed below. Please let me know how they work for you.

JunkPlayer is just the Cabbage Audio file player, rebranded… But you can use it to play the samples (downloadable, below).



And here’s a glimpse of the homemade device that made much of this possible (and unique!):

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So bizarre…

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