Unknowns are Unique Artifacts

An unsolicited glimpse of my teaching philosophy: The premises by which I justify concept mapping are theoretical and, ostensibly, neurological: namely, that a) memory processes are reconstructive, b) meaning-making is, partly, associative, and c) originality is a learnable, practiceable skill. In the context of a writing course, my concept mapping-related objectives are, therefore, to a) offer a mechanism for extensive and explicit recall – for example, of the familiar features

Re-Purposed Karaoke Amp

If you like experimenting with electronics, you might want to start going to thrift stores with an eye on things you can take apart and re-purpose. A while back, I picked up a Karaoke machine for $2.99 and transformed it into the amplifier (plus echo effect) for a DIY modular synth I made. As it turns out, I can plug my guitar into this odd little device and have a